Young Marketer of the Year Winner 2017!

The Winner of Young Marketer of the Year 2017 is Anna Thomas from Agria Pet Insurance

An experienced marketer who is both creative and commercially minded, I have worked across the world in a number of industries and for the last four years in the animal health sector. In my current role at Agria Pet Insurance, I manage all the marketing initiatives for the Veterinary Channel. I have implemented several successful innovative marketing campaigns, through planning with analysis and review, as well as utilising an array of skills from across the marketing mix. My commitment to great teamwork across the marketing department and wider business has aided the success of these campaigns. A major highlight of my career has been the success of the Agria Veterinary Channel in 2017, where it grew by over 50% year on year. My passion for both animals and the veterinary industry aid my creative flair, which is why my personal efforts have made a huge contribution to the success of the channel.

Anna Thomas in her own words

Sponsored by British Dairying magazine and supported by the VMA, the award is intended to recognise the young marketer who has demonstrated marketing flair within the animal health industry. In addition to receiving a certificate of achievement and being invited to join the VMA committee, Ms Thomas also wins a CPD bursary worth £2,000 to put towards marketing training, plus a personal award of £500.

Here is Anna having a chat with Helen Tweed, last year’s winner ….

The awards are retrospective.

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