VMA New Marketing Talent Award

Generously sponsored by British Dairying magazine and supported by the VMA, this award is intended to recognise a new marketer, either in age, experience or both, who has demonstrated marketing flair within the veterinary and animal health industry.

This year’s winner

Abby Duggan
Digital Content Manager

This year’s finalists

Hollie Jenkins
Client Engagement Manager
Circa Healthcare

Callum Watkins
Product Manager

New Marketing Talent Award Winners

Current NMT Winner

Abby Duggan
Digital Content Manager at BVA

Winner 2023

Abby Duggan; BVA

Winner 2022

Blaise Scott-Morris; MSD

Winner 2021

Nicole Hearne; VetCT

Winner 2020

Debbie Cox; Battlab

Winner 2019

Abbie King; Ceva Animal Health

Winner 2018

Amy Scott; Boehringer Ingleheim

Winner 2017

Anna Thomas; Agriapet Insurance

Winner 2016

Helen Tweed; easipetcare ltd

Winner 2015

Alice Laurens; Elanco Animal Health

Winner 2014

Amanda Melvin; MSD

Winner 2013

Justin Phillips; White Cross Vets

Winner 2012

Anna Prest; Lintbells

Winner 2011

Jemima Mead; Boehringer Ingelheim