VMA New Marketing Talent Award

Generously sponsored by British Dairying magazine and supported by the VMA, this award is intended to recognise a new marketer, either in age, experience or both, who has demonstrated marketing flair within the veterinary and animal health industry.

Why enter?

All candidates who make a submission for the VMA New Marketing Talent Award, will be offered a complementary place at a VMA training course of their choice (restrictions apply).

As well as prestige and platform opportunities, the New Marketing Talent Award winner will receive:

  • Cash award of £1,000 to spend as you see fit
  • A bursary of £2,000 towards approved marketing CPD
  • VMA-facilitated New Marketing Talent Mentorship Program
  • Certificate of achievement with logo which can be used for professional publicity
  • Complementary access to VMA CPD events for 12* months (*exclusions apply)

The winner will also have the opportunity to benefit from:

  • An invitation to join the VMA Committee
  • VMA-generated PR opportunities


  • All finalists will each receive a Certificate of achievement and logo which can be used for professional publicity and a £250 personal cash prize.
  • All finalists are invited as guests of the VMA to the VMA Annual Awards event at the Royal Lancaster London, where the winner will be announced.
  • All candidates for this award will remain anonymous, except for the New Marketing Talent winner. All finalists have the option to remain anonymous or be publicly recognised by the VMA for their achievement.

What do I have to do to enter?

  • Candidates must be 34 years or younger on Friday 15th March 2024 and/or have been in marketing for no more than 5 years by this date.
  • Candidates must have held a marketing role within the animal health industry for at least 18 months prior to Friday 15th March 2024 and must be working in a marketing role within the industry on this date. This could be, for example but not exclusively, for a pharmaceutical company, an agency, an association, a veterinary practice or an animal health or agricultural supplier.
  • The VMA actively encourages all marketers to apply, irrespective of the size of their marketing budget.
  • Your entry should be in the form of a 3-minute (max) video which must include:
  • An overview of your marketing background.
  • An outline of the marketing achievement of which you are most proud including metrics used to measure impact on the business
  • Why you feel you should win the VMA New Marketing Talent Award.
  • Videos should be filmed with no background noise. Submissions will be judged on creativity and content but not the quality of the video. This is your opportunity to engage the judges and demonstrate your marketing flair.

To be fair to all candidates, submissions must only be filmed on a phone and be filmed in landscape.

  • You also need to provide an up-to-date, written CV.
  • The closing date for written submissions is 5pm on Friday 15th December 2023.Late submissions will not be considered.

There is no entry fee and entry is via submission as file attachments to the entry form at the Entry Portal.

  • All submissions will remain confidential and will be viewed by the judges only.
  • All finalists must be available attend a case study in London on Tuesday 6th February 2024 no alternative date will be offered so all entrants are advised to put this date in their diary in anticipation of attendance.

The judges will use the following criteria during their evaluation:

  • Professionalism and presentation of materials submitted
  • Creative merit, innovation and uniqueness (original ideas, fresh thinking, insight)
  • Evidence of personal (rather than team or agency) effort and impact
  • Breadth and depth of marketing skills from across the marketing mix e.g. advertising, PR, digital, sales, exhibitions etc.
  • Judicious selection of marketing tools and techniques for effective use of budget (regardless of the size of the available budget)
  • Measure of effectiveness (sales uptake/market share/analytics) e.g. sales of product x increased from 5% to 25% over the 12 month period etc..
  • Marketing planning – overall approach
  • Evidence of marketing good practice
  • Campaign analysis and review (feedback/monitoring /corrective action)


All the information you need on how to enter is available in this useful guide that you can read online or download.

New Marketing Talent Award Winners

Current NMT Winner

Blaise Scott-Morris; Equine Marketing & Technical Manager at MSD

Winner 2022

Blaise Scott-Morris; MSD

Winner 2021

Nicole Hearne; VetCT

Winner 2020

Debbie Cox; Battlab

Winner 2019

Abbie King; Ceva Animal Health

Winner 2018

Amy Scott; Boehringer Ingleheim

Winner 2017

Anna Thomas; Agriapet Insurance

Winner 2016

Helen Tweed; easipetcare ltd

Winner 2015

Alice Laurens; Elanco Animal Health

Winner 2014

Amanda Melvin; MSD

Winner 2013

Justin Phillips; White Cross Vets

Winner 2012

Anna Prest; Lintbells

Winner 2011

Jemima Mead; Boehringer Ingelheim