Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing for the Veterinary Industry

Social media is an important marketing channel for reaching pet owners. In addition to enabling you to quickly and easily reach and engage large numbers of clients, hyper targeted opportunities on platforms like Facebook mean you can build active communities around local practices or interest groups. A good social media presence can also do wonders for your website’s SEO.

People love talking about and sharing pictures of their pets online! With a solid social media strategy, you can harness this and position your company as the friendly and helpful source they can trust with their treasured family pets.

The course, led by social media expert Jonny Ross, will cover all the major social media platforms, including Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook, it will also focus on the importance of blogging, how it is core to any good digital strategy, and how it links in with an organisation’s wider PR and communications strategy.

It will also touch upon some of the other social media platforms that are useful for engaging clients and other stakeholders, including Instagram, Google + and YouTube.

The course will be full of tips and tricks that are easy to implement and can achieve the best/quickest results. It will also explain the basics of search engine optimisation and how blogging and other social media activities and platforms benefit your website’s search engine optimisation (SEO).

Throughout the day we will be working on a personalised digital strategy so that every delegate will walk out the room with a clear strategy that is actionable immediately.


This course will give practical tips on how to:

  • Improve your Google rankings
  • Use Facebook to engage with new and existing clients
  • Build relationships through Twitter
  • Set up and manage a blog
  • More importantly be strategic on social media

By the end of the course, delegates will:

  • Understand how different social media platforms can be used to build relationships and win business
  • Have a good understanding of the impact of blogs, Twitter, Facebook and Google+ on website search engine rankings (SEO)
  • Go away with a list of useful digital marketing tips and tricks that they can implement straight away in their business

Jonny Ross Biography


Jonny Ross has over 16 years experience in small business, and over 15 years’ experience in digital online technologies. He specialises in digital and social media marketing, web design and search engine optimisation.

Jonny has a proven track record in delivering strategies and solutions that will drive the right audience to a company’s website and enable the organisation to earn revenue from their site.

Jonny’s commercial experience includes both B2B and B2C; retail, professional services, education, local government, property management and telecommunications.

His agency built the VWA award winning White Cross Vets website:

In addition to his many commercial business clients, Jonny Ross has also worked with schools, universities and training providers (including East Riding Council, York University, Sheffield Business School and Bradford University School of Management) on the development of new social media platforms and campaigns.

Jonny Ross is an experienced speaker and has devised and run numerous social media training events and strategy workshops for businesses and employees at all levels.