First Year in Marketing

Presented by Abbie King, Senior Behavioural Product Manager, Ceva
This presentation gives an overview of what a product manager needs to know in their first year on the job.

Market Research – the marketer’s best friend

Presented by Mo Gannon, Director, MG&A
This presentation (12’ 53) covers the foundations of market research including; defining what is meant by market research and outlining its many benefits, when to use qualitative techniques and when to use quantitative techniques, how to select a market research agency and what to include in a market research brief and top tips on how to make your budget work harder for you.

Veterinary Medicines Directorate

Presented by various contributors
This short series of 5 presentations discusses the role of the VMD and the regulations that marketeers of veterinary medicinal products should be aware.

Sales to Marketing

Presented by Emily Whitehouse, Ruminant Marketing Manager, MSD Animal Health
Watch this presentation to learn how to transition effectively from a sales to a marketing role.

Working with an Advertising Agency

Presented by John Kirton, Managing Director, Circa UK
A beginners guide to working with advertising agencies: what to expect and how to get the best out of the relationship.