Young Marketer of the Year is now . . . .  the New Marketing Talent Award!

The VMA New Marketing Talent Award recognises a marketer who has demonstrated marketing flair within the veterinary and animal health industry. With generous sponsorship from British Dairying magazine and supported by the VMA, this prestigious award is to recognise a new marketer, either in age, experience, or both, who has demonstrated marketing flair within the animal health industry. The winner receives a £2,000 CPD bursary for their ongoing marketing training and development and a £500 cash personal prize, as well as support and advice from the VMA committee of industry professionals. Entrants should be 34 years of age or under and/or in a marketing role for less than five years on 20th March 2020.

Amy Scott, 2018 Young Marketer of the Year

NMT Award judge, Mo Gannon, explains

The awards are retrospective.

Previous winners

Winner 2018

Amy Scott; Boehringer Ingleheim

Winner 2017

Anna Thomas; Agriapet Insurance

Winner 2016

Helen Tweed; easipetcare ltd

Winner 2015

Alice Laurens; Elanco Animal Health

Winner 2014

Amanda Melvin; MSD

Winner 2013

Justin Phillips; White Cross Vets

Winner 2012

Anna Prest; Lintbells

Winner 2011

Jemima Mead; Boehringer Ingelheim