Marketing Team of the Year 2020 Award

This award is intended to recognise and celebrate successful marketing teams, whether in terms of results, productivity or the support they provided to their colleagues or clients within the sector. This award is open to entries in relation to any business across the animal health and veterinary sector. Entrants are able to submit nominations for teams that they work with, or teams in which they play an active role. Entrants are encouraged to consider the impact their nominated team has had on their professional role considering the following judging criteria. Eligible entries should provide examples, statistics and tangible outcomes to demonstrate the achievements of the nominated team.

Judging Criteria

  1. Initial Impact: What positive impact has the team had on those they work with in the industry?
  2. Achievement: Considering the team achievements in the following identified areas.
    • Results – does this team consistently reach or exceed targets? Is there evidence of their success with a specific product or campaign?
    • Productivity – does this team demonstrate an admirable work ethic? To what extent have they played an identifiable role in their business or client’s success?
    • Support – Has this team been seen to be going to extra lengths to support their colleagues/clients during the COVID-19 pandemic? What effect or impact has this had on the working lives of others?
  3. Originality/Innovation: Specifically considering the animal health industry, does this team display a way of working that is innovative and original? Do they strive to be better or do better within the sector?
  4. PartnershipsIs there evidence that this team works to foster long-term partnerships with internal and/or external stakeholders?

Entry Form

Please complete the entry form below – all fields marked * are compulsory. Uploaded entries should be in JPG/JPEG or PDF format, using the submission templates provided. Files should be high res (300 dpi) but not exceed 25MB if more than one file is uploaded.

Once your entry has been submitted, you will be invoiced the entry fee after submission (may take 24hrs). A BACS payment is preferred and must be received before 26th March, 2021, 17:00 or your submission will not be accepted or judged.

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Note: information supplied for this section will be treated in the strictest confidence, to be seen by the judges and chair of judges only. If these details are not provided the judges will have no choice but to mark the entry down compared to other entries where this information has been provided.

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