Meet Trudi – VMA’s Content Creator from Prague

Trudi is based in the Czech Republic, just outside Prague. Originally from the UK, she has lived there for just over a year and considers herself very lucky. She was able to make the move there because of the transferable skills she has gained throughout her career. She has been a copywriter and content creator for the majority of her career. And has worked in various industries, including weight loss, fitness and veterinary.

As a very young bookworm, she didn’t realise that her love of the written word and communication would end up being something she could do to earn a living! She is excited to get stuck in to help grow the VMA and what it offers its members.

Outside of work, you will find her wandering the countryside with her dog Kiki, enjoying some Czech beer at her local, or wild swimming in one of the wonderful lakes in the area. She gets back to the UK regularly to visit her daughter, family and friends.