Exploring Ian’s 18-Year Journey in Animal Health Marketing

Ian has accumulated 20 years working in the animal health industry across media sales, advertising and marketing. He currently works for Performance IO a specialist SEO and performance agency specialising in the pharmaceutical and animal health sectors. With a keen interest in all things digital his focus is on increasing his customers visibility in the organic landscape.

Ian joined the VMA committee in 2019 and became chairman in March 2023 overseeing the committee and driving the engagement of its stakeholders through various touch points throughout the year.. He gained a BA (Hons) from the University of Northampton in 2004, and has continued his education throughout his career, gaining a CIM Certificate in 2011 and a digital marketing qualification with Google Squared in 2015. Ian’s strongest skill is the ability to forge relationships with people, spot opportunities, and action and execute media plans. Ian has an interest in advertising and digital marketing as a whole, but is particularly interested in sensory branding and reactive marketing.