Detail Aid Award Entry

Entries for this award should have been used by company sales representatives within veterinary practices/animal health retailers in the UK during 2020 or 2021. Entries into this category can either be in printed or digital form.

Judging Criteria

  1. Initial Impact: Does the entry stand out? Is there an overall wow factor? Is the entry engaging and interesting?
  2. Audience Appeal: Does the entry demonstrate a good understanding of the target audience for this category? Is the entry appropriate for the audience? Is the entry appealing to the target audience?
  3. Creativity/Originality: Specifically considering the animal health industry has the entry demonstrated creative thinking or delivery? Does the entry look/feel original?
  4. Messaging: Do the headlines draw you in? Is the copy well written? Is the messaging clear and appropriate? Does the messaging persuade to purchase or influence beliefs?
  5. Logic and Application: Is the piece logical and easy to follow, avoiding repetition and cliché? Is the information well set out for user and recipient and can it be easily adapted to tailor information as required?
  6. Achievement: How well has the entry met its SMART* objectives? Do the results demonstrate achievement?

*SMART Objectives: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-Bound

Entry Form

Please complete the entry form below – all fields marked * are compulsory. Uploaded entries should be in JPG/JPEG or PDF format, using the submission templates provided. Files should be high res (300 dpi) but not exceed a total of 25MB if more than one file is uploaded.

As/if appropriate you are encouraged to submit a short video or link to similar media to demonstrate the detail aid “in use”. The video should be no more than 2 minutes in length and be utilised to further demonstrate the entry. Note the video will be judged on content only, it does not need to be of production quality – we can accept MP4 and MOV files.

Once your entry has been submitted, you will be invoiced the entry fee after submission (this may take 24hrs). A BACS payment is preferred and MUST be received before 7th January 2022, 23.59 or your submission will not be accepted or judged.

Your Details
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Entry Details
Please provide the information about the company, service or product the entry is based on. This is how it will appear on your entry board.
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If your detail aid is electronic or an app, please provide instructions on how to access it – passwords or login details required. This will allow the judges to experience the submissions from a user perspective. You can also provide iPads if required. If so please complete the details and contact to arrange delivery of the device prior to judging.

Max. 25MB in total. Please select more than one file from the same location by using shift or cmd key.

Note: information supplied for this section will be treated in the strictest confidence, to be seen by the judges and chair of judges only. If objectives are not provided the judges will have no choice but to mark the entry down compared to other entries where this information has been provided.

After pressing submit, please wait until a success message is displayed with your unique entry number, as file uploads can take a few minutes dependent on internet connection speeds.